Nonprofit organizations play an important role in maintaining the health and vibrancy of the Black Hills region.

We believe in their work and we are committed to helping them be successful.


The Black Hills Area Community Foundation maintains a solid commitment to build a strong network of local nonprofits. Community organizations are important partners in understanding the needs of our community and where our collective resources can be useful. We provide opportunities for funding, and also facilitate collaborations and connections that help nonprofits reach their goals.

Our grant programs, designed to help nonprofits build internal capacity and deliver programs to the communities they serve.

We Offer Grant Opportunities!

We Offer Endowment Opportunities!

When you establish an agency fund with the Black Hills Area Community Foundation, you will create peace of mind and an annual source of support for your organization. We manage many funds established to provide perpetual support for local nonprofits. Whether you choose an endowment or a designated fund, you will enjoy the benefits of our professional administration and investment oversight. We handle complex gifts, paperwork, investments and we can help your donors and their advisors with potential planned gifts.


~ Let our experienced staff provide fund management and reporting so you
can focus on your mission and other priorities.

~View your fund activity through our online portal.

~Take advantage of our well-diversified and professionally managed
investment pool and enjoy lower administrative costs through economies
of scale.

~Protect the intent of the fund by allowing BHACF to safeguard against
possible future board neglect, short-sighted invasion or potential misuse.
The foundation will also exercise its variance power and redirect fund to a
nonprofit organization with a similar purpose if the named organization
goes out of business or ceases to fulfill it original mission.


First, reflect on how much you would like to have in your endowment ultimately. You may look at the amount of money needed to fund your organization annually. Be sure to consider all the sources of income from fees to donations, to any sales.

At the Black Hills Area Community Foundation, you can start an endowment with a minimum of $10,000. But we suggest cultivating donors over time to gift to your endowment fund to help it grow. Some experts suggest having at least twice the annual operating budget as a minimum endowment, for long-term sustainability.

Raising Money for your Endowment Fund

Explain to potential donors why you are or have set up an endowment. Let your donors know how you plan to use the fund and its annual earnings. Answer any questions in all of your fundraising materials for the endowment, provide them on your website and include them in the content you supply to your volunteers (such as board members) who will “sell” the endowment to prospective donors.

Always be sure to have enough money coming in to support your annual expenses before you fundraise for an endowment. Likewise, it is a good plan to have a “rainy-day” fund that you can tap quickly should unexpected problems arise. An endowment is not a rainy-day fund.

Endowment donors want to leave a legacy and provide for the long-term future of your organization. Set up a planned-giving program to keep up your endowment fundraising. Market it through different materials, events, and a legacy society.

Why You Should Get Started Now

Just like any savings program, starting early works! Even in less-than-ideal economic situations, you start working on building an endowment. Begin now so that you can create a much more stable financial position years down the road.