Black Hills Area Community Foundation

As a community foundation, our ability to give funding relies on being able to attract donors who care about creating a better today and tomorrow.

We achieve our goal of "connecting people who care to causes that matter" through the generosity of donors - whether they are individuals, families, foundations or corporations - who want to join us in taking care of our beautiful Black Hills and the people who live here.

Through our grants, not only are we able to invest and strengthen our communities, but we also see the impact of our donors' generosity and investments.


Learn about our different opportunities to give. Your donations help to improve life in the Black Hills.
We invest in people and solutions that positively impact the Black Hills area.
Meet our people. Like you we love the Black Hills and that is why we work for the BHACF and serve on its board.
Learn the many ways we support our local nonprofits.

The Black Hills Area Community Foundation (BHACF) was founded in 2006 by and for the people in our area to improve the quality of life in the Black Hills through the power of philanthropy. We work with nonprofit organizations to identify the areas of greatest need in our community, assist donors to reach their philanthropic goals, and raise and distribute charitable funds that have a positive impact for the people here.