For Planners and Attorneys

Partner with us for an efficient, flexible way to ensure your clients’ charitable dollars make a difference here in the beautiful Black Hills.

Partnering With Purpose

Many conversations about charitable giving make their way into the offices of financial planners, accountants and attorneys.

We work closely with these professionals to ensure their clients have access to strategic and sophisticated giving tools.

From tax advantages to a sense of fulfillment, we’re here to make sure our partners get the most out of their giving.

Benefits for your client

Joy, fulfillment and local impact

Above all, your clients will enjoy seeing their resources improve the community they call home. Many of our financial and legal partners share in this sense of fulfillment while being recognized by their industry and community for supporting important causes.

Flexibility and efficiency

We offer your clients a meaningful, hassle-free way to give to nonprofits, using strategies that can evolve with their goals and preferences. For example, your clients can begin using their fund immediately or wait to capitalize it with a legacy gift.

Maximum advantages

Tax deductions are a key incentive that inspires philanthropic giving. We work with you and your clients to maximize the impact of donations while taking advantage of associated tax advantages

Double the philanthropic impact

Partnering with BHACF gives your clients two ways to make a difference. First, they support local nonprofits. Second, the modest fees we earn on managed funds allow us to give grants, be a leader on pressing issues, and launch initiatives to address local needs.

How can we partner?

Referrals and consultations

We’re here to consult with you and your clients in ways that make the most sense for you. Some professionals ask us to join them for consultations while others encourage their clients to reach out to us directly.

Estate planning

Clients and planners love our Legacy MOU program. In short, donors name a fund as a beneficiary of their estate. They outline their wishes for the fund in a one-page MOU. Donors can update the MOU as frequently as they wish, all without needing to redo their estate plan.

Donor-Directed Funding

We’re prepared to help your clients make effective grants by sharing which nonprofits are doing good work in a given field. We also help donors select a tool, such as a Donor Advised Fund, a Designated Fund, or other vehicles to facilitate their generosity.

Individually Managed Funds

Most of the funds we manage are invested in our wealth pool. However, we offer an Individually Managed Fund program for accounts above $150,000. This program allows donors operating above that level to keep their funds invested with their existing advisors.

Send your staff to a Giving Circle

We hold a series of annual social events called Giving Circles. Members gather, learn, and pool funds, then vote on which area nonprofits will receive grants.

Giving Circles are a great way for your staff to learn more about area nonprofits, enjoy a fun team building opportunity, and connect with Black Hills locals. Memberships are tax deductible for your business.

Have questions? Connect with our Giving Team.

Eric Zimmer, Director of Philanthropy, and Kathleen Fitzgerald-Ellis, Associate Director of Philanthropy-Northern Hills, can help you and your client explore how to align your clients’ charitable goals with your tax, financial or legal advice.