Joyce Bedingfield Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Joyce Bedingfield Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Betty Joyce (Hillis) Bedingfield, earned her Registered Nurse designation from Baptist College in Nashville, TN, in 1953 and worked as a Registered Nurse until her daughters were born. Joyce was fiercely independent and did not let an illness early in life stop her from reaching her goals. She overcame many obstacles and persevered in a time that was not so easy for women. Joyce volunteered her time to drive the fire truck for her local volunteer fire department, she helped to address illiteracy in her community and dedicated her life to her husband and daughters. Joyce Bedingfield lived her life committed to helping others and exhibited a work ethic and a sense of determination that is rare. The goal of this scholarship is to honor Joyce’s legacy as a devoted wife, mother and nurse, and her commitment to helping others.

The Joyce Bedingfield Memorial Nursing Scholarship is a one-year $2500 scholarship that is intended to financially assist a female nursing student that is accepted and enrolled in a registered nursing program.

Eligibility Requirements:

1) Female nursing student
2) Accepted and enrolled in a registered nursing program in a Black Hills, SD area or Nashville, TN university.
2) Provide enrollment verification
3) Exhibit a financial need for the scholarship

Applications for this scholarship are due by April 15th. All elements of the application, to include the recommendations, must be received by the deadline.