Supporting connection at Homestake Opera House

Apr 15, 2024 | Community Stories, Grant Stories

Highschooler Mariana Pitlick, who grew up acting on the Homestake Opera House stage, says the performing arts have deepened her connection with herself and others in the community.  

Funding for the Opera House, like the Capacity Building Grant directed in 2023, helps give other young people the chance to discover these connections for themselves. 

Pitlick discovered her true self and passion for making others laugh through the performing arts. At the same time, immersing herself in the complex mental states of her characters has helped her understand her own emotions.  

“When I was young in those formative years, there were many big, grand emotions that I wouldn’t have been able to process the same if I wasn’t in theater,” she remembered.  

It takes true courage to express those emotions on stage, but that vulnerability forms a critical link with others, she said. “If the person in the audience is able to recognize that emotion within themselves, it forges a connection greater than words.” 

Actors must also connect with their characters’ stories and struggles, expanding their understanding of the world. Pitlick emphasized how she’s learned about new cultures by researching her characters’ backgrounds. 

Pitlick says, “thank you” to those at the Opera House who have “helped me realize things about myself, helped me realize the importance of connecting with others in order to make a better world for everyone.”