Food Security

for a resilient region.

Growing food and nutritional security in the Black Hills.

Collaborating to Prevent Hunger

We prevent hunger to strengthen the stability, health and resilience of Black Hills residents.

For now, our work is focused on Rapid City. We lead a collaborative group, the Friends of Food Security, to identify and address unmet needs.

From nonprofit workers to healthcare employees, our collective combines strengths to support our neighbors.

Free summer meals for kids 

rapid city schedule 2024



During the summer break, several Rapid City organizations offer free meals for children. At most sites, adult guardians can enjoy a meal as well. 

Find a meal location near you by using the schedule below. Or, call 211 for updated information.


A list displays dates, times, and locations where children and their guardians can receive a free meal in Rapid City during the summer of 2024. Call 211 for the most updated information.

Needs Assessment started

This spring, we launched the Food Security Needs Assessment of Rapid City. Led by Augustana Research Institute, the study learns from those facing food insecurity and the nonprofits that serve them.

The study will reveal unmet needs focused on:

  • Food quantity
  • Food type
  • Transportation 
  • Awareness of resources
  • Ability to maximize assistance

Stay tuned — the published results will kick off a strategic plan for our Food Security Initiative.

We’ll present key findings at a Food Security Summit in 2025.

Ongoing food security projects

Friends of Food Security

 Every other month, we partner with Feeding South Dakota to facilitate a meeting focused on food security needs in Rapid City. Group members range from nonprofit workers to government and healthcare employees.

To help each other, members share resources, opportunities, and challenges. Starting in 2025, the members will collaborate around goals informed by the Needs Assessment of Rapid City.

Summer Meals FOR Kids & GUARDIANS

Rapid City nonprofits offer free meals to children ages 18 and under to give them a reliable source of nutrition over the summer break.

At many of these sites, we fund adult meals so that guardians can eat with their children. This improves child participation and creates quality family time.

See the 2024 meal schedule below, or call 211 for updated information.


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