The Harold and George “Elbert” Newton Memorial Music Scholarship

The scholarship honors Harold and George “Elbert” Newton’s passion for music.


The one-year scholarship is available to Spearfish high school seniors who belong to the high school band, choir, or other music program. The award honors Harold and George “Elbert” Newton’s passion for music. 

The scholarship provides $3,000 (one-time). 


The scholarship is awarded to a student who can demonstrate that they are a dedicated student who has been impacted by music and the role that it has played in their life.

  • High School Senior attending Spearfish High School in Spearfish, SD
  • Anticipating completion of high school diploma at the time of application
  • A member of the high school band, choir, or other music program
  • Planning to pursue a degree at an accredited post-secondary institution

How to apply: 

If you’re a new applicant, create an account in our scholarship application portal. To apply, login to the portal using your email and password. 

Contact with any questions about applying for a scholarship. 

Status: Closed
Open date: 01/01/2024
Closing Date:
Scholarship Range: $3000
Eligible Schools: Spearfish High School
About the The Harold and George “Elbert” Newton Memorial Music Scholarship

The Newton family moved to Spearfish, SD in the 1800’s and their involvement in music goes back many generations. Great-Grandfather, Francis M. Newton, played the fiddle and grandfather, George W. Newton, directed a local band at the Matthews Opera House in Spearfish in the 1920’s. Grandmother, Bertha Newton, taught piano out of her house. The Newton family home is still standing on Meier Street in Spearfish. The Passion Play is located on a former apple orchard sold by Bertha to Joseph Meier.

George and Bertha Newton had two children–Harold and George (known to friends and family as Elbert). Harold and Elbert attended Spearfish High School where they were both in band. Harold played the trumpet and Elbert played the trombone. After graduating from high school, the two brothers formed a band called “We Five” and traveled throughout South Dakota and Wyoming in the mid-1930’s performing at various venues.

Harold raised all of his children to love music and play a musical instrument. Harold lived a long and productive life and passed away in 1987. Elbert moved to Massachusetts, continued his music career and was called to service in World War II. While serving his country, Elbert was severely wounded on D-Day during the invasion of France. He returned to Massachusetts, continued his music studies at the New England Conservatory of Music, but eventually succumbed to his war injuries in 1948.

The Harold and George “Elbert” Newton Memorial Music Scholarship has been created by the children of Harold and George “Elbert” to honor their respective fathers, to show their appreciation for the role that Spearfish High School had in instilling an appreciation of music to their fathers and to assist a student at Spearfish High School in furthering their education.